History Of Patiala

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History Of Patiala


Famous for ‘peg’, ‘pagri’, ‘paranda’ (tasseled tag for braiding hair and ‘jutti’ (footwear), joyous, royal demeanor, sensuous & graceful feminine gait and aristocracy, Patiala presents a beautiful bouquet of life-style even to a casual visitor of the city. A brilliant spectrum of Rajput, Mughal and Punjabi cultures, a fine blend of modernity and tradition and a judicious synthesis of all that is beautiful in form and bold in spirit conjure up a vision called ‘Patiala’.

Culture & Traditions

Patiala’s sway over the Malwa area extended beyond merely political influence. Patiala was equally the set of religious and cultural life. Educationally, Patiala was in the forefront. Patiala was the first town in this party of the country to have Degree college-The Mahindra College-in 1870. The famous printing of Munshi Nawal Kishore was also established here in the seventies of the 19th century. Patiala has had a culture of its own, evolving into a distinct “Patialavi” culture. Patiala has also seen evolution of a distinct style of architecture. Borrowing from the Rajput style, its beauty and elegance are, however, moulded according to the local coloring..